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About Our School

Welcome to Robert E. Melican Middle School

The mission of the Robert E. Melican Middle School is to pursue the highest level of educational excellence for all students by embracing our district's core values and Strategic Plan.

Planning and implementing thoughtful curriculum, grounded in the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework documents, whose standards serve as the foundation for all educational development, is the goal of all Melican staff.

A professional learning community, with student learning at the forefront of all decision-making, provides the optimal environment for the successful development of students' cognitive, academic, physical, social, and emotional needs as they travel this "in the middle" pathway from elementary school to high school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whom should I contact to talk about my child?

This would depend upon the concern. Let's go over a few:

If the concern has to do with your child's health, please contact one of the
nurses. Mrs. Kim Gallagher works full-time, and Mrs. Mary Rogers works

If your child is on an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), and your concern
is related to classroom performance, please contact your child's special
education liaison.

If the concern is related to a specific subject and teacher, contact the
teacher by email or voicemail, requesting a return call to talk about the
details of the problem.

If the concern is more general but still related to classroom performance, you
can contact the Team Leader of your child's teaching team to discuss your
concerns. The Team Leader will communicate the details to your child's core
subject area teachers.

If you have information about your child that is generally important for all
of his/her teachers to know you should contact your child's guidance
counselor, who will help coordinate the sharing of any pertinent information.

If you have a concern about discipline, or have information to share that
impacts the safety of your child, or any child, you should contact the principal or assistant principal.
The principal works to support all students and teachers, and can be contacted to help with any
need that isn't being addressed through the above protocols.

What is the routine for dismissing my child during school hours?

Please come into the school, ask one of the two office secretaries, Mrs. Nicole DeAngelis

or Ms. Hope Singas, to dismiss your child. A call will be made to
the classroom where your child is, and he/she/they will be told to get his/her/their belongings
belongings and meet you in the lobby. You should sign your child out on the
office log. Dismissing a student takes several minutes, please allow time
for this when you come in. We are not able to dismiss children before parents
enter the school. It is helpful for school records to have written notice of
early dismissal plans. You should send in a written note to your child's
homeroom teacher on the morning of an early dismissal.

Do I have to accompany my child back into the school after an appointment?

No, you can drop your child off and he/she should check into the office for a
pass. Parents need to check their child out of the school, but students can
come in on their own upon a return to school.

How does a parent pick-up at the end of the regular school day?

If you are picking up your child at 2:10, and he/she/they knows that you are, you
should park in the outer lot (nearest Lincoln Street) and wait for the buses
to leave the campus. Once the buses have left, students are released from the
cafeteria to waiting cars. You do not have to walk over to the cafeteria to
pick up your child, but you are welcome to do so if you'd like.

What's the routine for picking up my child afterschool, at 3:10?

You should pull curbside nearest the school, wait for your child to enter the
car, then pull away. As cars move out, the line of waiting cars moves up.
Students leave through the cafeteria doors, please pull as far down as
possible, near the tennis courts when lining up.
Please do not stop in the middle of the parking lot and call for your child,
or park in the outer lot and call them over. Both these scenarios force our
students to walk into the lanes where cars are moving, and where cars are
pulling out of parking spots. These are dangerous situations. If you park in
the outer lot, please walk over to the front of the school and accompany your
child safely through the moving cars.

How does the late bus work?

We have afterschool activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when one
late bus brings students home. These two buses split the town and bring
students close to their homes, but do not replicate the morning pick-up
pattern. These buses generally leave the middle school around 3:45. The
length of their route is determined by the number of students taking the bus
and the variance of the geographic stops each bus has to make. Late bus
drivers customize the route to accommodate students as much as possible.